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超值派金包NFT 好禮大方送,搶先獲得$PARA

Our Meta

PARALAND is a Metaverse platform based on the concept of combining gaming with social interactions. Where well-known celebrities, IPs, and content creators are able to interlink through innovative and customizable gaming mechanisms and select rewards most suitable for their respective communities. PARALAND functions on an AR and LBS based framework, providing an unforeseen gaming experience.

On an early morning in July 2022, an unidentified flying object in the shape of a sphere emerges above the horizon just off the coast of an island in the Pacific. The silhouette of this gargantuan sphere hovers in the distance, sparkling despite the daylight, casting down a sense of uneasiness upon the citizens staring at it from ashore. A few days later, a legion of extraterrestrial robotic beings are seen descending on shore. Initially, this evoked panic amongst the citizens that were drenched in fear, but over time, it became apparent that these robotic beings meant no harm. They flooded the streets and began repeating a sound that could only be made out as "Para.. Para…?".

Linguistics experts and extraterrestrial researchers have been gathered from all over the world to investigate and figure out their true intentions. Many efforts have been made to try to communicate with them, but none succeeded. That's until someon snuck into the research facilities, bravely approaching one of the robotic beings, and when encountered with the usual "Para… Para?", responded with, "Para…land!". This triggered a kill switch mechanism, and they simultaneously send out a beacon deep into space. The beacon continued for a few moments, and all of a sudden, a deafening voice penetrated through the whole world's ears with the words: "Gratissimum ad PARALAND". When the echoes of those words came to an end, the world stood still for a split second, and the world as we know it, was never the same again…

Gameplay Features

Interdimensional Gameplay

Embark on a journey that traverses between virtuality and reality, undertake a gaming experience that goes beyond conventional entertainment!

Explore Mulitple Worlds

Break the boundaries and confinement of the real world, trail blaze across multiple parallel worlds!

Customizable Features

Features of avatars can be altered to the Jumper's preferences to convey personalization and fulfil PARALAND with diversity!

Unite and Expand

Assemble your fellow Jumpers, earn $PARA tokens through territorial rooting and expand your world!

Contend for Exclusive Rewards & NFTs

Complete in-game missions that drop loot chests and contribtion points to climb the Leaderboards!

Freedom of Content Creation

Creativity can be expressed as far as the eye can see, every corner of the world is your canvas!

NFT Series

PARAZEN is the metaverse migration program into PARALAND, the parallel wonderland of endless exploration and creavtivity, where users can traverse across worlds and experience features and missions intricately designed by their respective Landers. The only boundaries are the extent of your imagination! Come join us and let's build this community wonderland hand in hand!


  • Holds top priority eligibility to experience the metaverse when it launches.

  • Token ID #0-99 will be airdropped an exclusive accessory.

  • PARAZEN will come with a 3D AR feature and can be transacted as an NFT.

  • Perks such as the Pioneer Scepter and Pioneer Exclusive Benefits.


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