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Newbie's Guide to NFT Online Community:  Navigate Through Discord Servers and Keep Up with the Times in 3 Mins

Introduction to NFT Online Communities

Discord has been the go-to socializing platform amongst blockchain, crypto and NFT communities, the platform has reached 200 million downloads as of 2018, becoming an essential tool for investors devoted in the crypto field. The beginner's guide will teach you the basics of operating Discord and how to keep up with the times when literally every NFT project communicates with its members using this platform.

Wanna look into an NFT project? Get started on Discord!

Due to the decentralized nature of NFTs, investors all across the globe began communicating with community members and share information regarding their projects on Discord to form DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). This software was initially created by software engineers who were also gamers, aiming to provide a platform that provides low latency communication and an easy to use UI that has no ads, no download required and interconnects gamers from all over the world disregarding region and time zones via voice chat, becoming one of the trendiest social media platforms of the modern era.

Top 4 benefits of joining an NFT community

With the abundance of social media out there, why is Discord among the most recommended platform by the NFT community? These are the top 4 benefits listed below:

1. Voice Chat

For gamers, smooth low latency voice chatting allows better communication among gamers, just 2 clicks and you can stream gaming content to everyone in the server, it is a more efficient way of sharing content and information and Discord also supports text chatting and direct messages just like any other communication platform. To put it simply, Discord has integrated texting apps with RC chatting and display in a straightforward manner for users to create channels with different themes and purposes.

2. Everything is kept on record

Whether you've switched to another mobile device or logged in somewhere else, chat content will not disappear and you can access all chat history going back to when you registered the account, so for users trying to keep up with NFT news, market trends and transaction records, it is a great feature to have.

3. Anonymity

NFT Discord Servers Recommendations: PARALAND

Discord group chats can be created anonymously unlike other social media platforms that require real-name registration, keeping the identity of users anonymous. Furthermore, you can create different IDs and sub-accounts for individual servers to better compartmentalize your servers, such as differentiating a private server with friends with work related servers or NFT project servers.

4. Join Discord servers to win whitelist spots

Many NFT projects put out whitelist spots prior to minting and spots can be obtained through Discord server events for a better chance. When put on the whitelist, it ensures early access or a certain number of guaranteed mints, or even grants buffs or boosts in game.

Taiwan NFT Discord Server Recommendations: PARALAND

PARALAND is Taiwan‘s first AR and NFT integrated blockchain game, also known as GameFi, players can communicate with other players and adventure together in the world of PARALAND, complete missions, battle creatures and redeem those rewards into NFTs and exhibit true play-to-earn.

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NFT Community Recommendations | PARALAND Discord

Wanna keep up with the latest news in NFT and crypto? Come join PARALAND on Discord and mingle with friends, experience territory rooting, team battles, construct lands and venture the virtual world via AR! PARALAND has no requirements to join, you can join even without a crypto wallet, just simply download to begin play-to-earn!

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