Commencing 18:00 (UTC+8) June 22th, 2022
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PARA Chance
PARA LEDGER $PARA EARLY ACCESS Grab your PARA Leder and embark on a journey into the Metaverse!
three types of PARA Ledgers

This is an exclusive passbook issued by the PARALAND team that puts all your fantasies, expectations and contributions for the Metaverse on record. As a token of gratitude from the PARALAND team, holders are granted the privilege to obtain $PARA in advance amongst other benefits.

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What is PARA Ledger?

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To show our gratitude towards our loyal supporters, we have an exclusive offer for our PARALAND Community! For a limited time only, community members have the right to purchase a Para Leger which grants early access to purchase $PARA, furthermore, there will be extra surprises as well including ParaBot Case airdrops, PARALAND Edition EasyCards and a collaboration edition PARALAND X CoolWallet Collaboration Cold Wallet!

What is PARA Ledger
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Holder Privileges

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Eternity, Platinum and Prestige, three types of PARA Ledgers for our loyal supporters to pick from

Any purchase of PARA Ledger comes with the benefits listed below!
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Purchase Requirements

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PARA Ledger Whitelist Candidate

PARA Ledger Whitelist Candidate

only for
Pioneers & WLholders

Only holders of PARAZEN NFT and whitelist candidates are eligible for the PARA Ledger

  • PARAZEN NFT Holder - eligible after wallet snapshot confirms holding on June 20th at 10:00 am. (UTC +8)

  • Whiteist candidates - eligible after registering wallet address.

  • No pruchase limit for PARAZEN NFT holders and whitelist candidates.

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How to obtain?

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  • Commencing

    PARAZEN NFT holders - June 22th, 2022 18:00 pm (UTC +8)
    Whiteist candidates - June 23th, 2022 18:00 pm (UTC +8)

  • Ending

    June 29th, 2022 18:00 pm (UTC +8)
    The PARA Ledger will cease to mint once all 800,000 $PARA are allocated for airdrop

  • Issue Info

    1. PARA Ledgers will be minted on Polygon based on ERC-1155.

    2. Total supply of PARA Ledgers will vary based on $PARA airdrop supply. The airdrop supply of $PARA for this event is 800,000, after all shares are registered for airdrop, the PARA Ledger will discontinue to be issued.

  • Purchase Process

    1. Google Chrome is recommended for purchasing on a desktop device.Using the in-app browser on your wallet is recommended for purchasing on a mobile device.

    2. This event will only accept USDT on Polygon, please prepare a wallet on Polygon that will can be used to receive airdrops, SmartContract transactions cannot be revised so please be sure the wallet you provide is the correct one.

    • Step 1 - Select Connect Wallet and follow the procedure

    • Step 2 - Select the Product and Quantity you wish to purchase and hit Confirm Purchase to initiate the wallet authorization process

    • Step 3 - Await for data processing, may take a few moments depending on processing traffic

    • Step 4 - Fill out shipping info, please be sure to double check, failed deliveries due to shipping address errors will not be redelivered.

    After all the above procedures have been followed, your purchase will be complete.

    Any inquiries can be directed to,
    or open a ticket in our Discord server.

  • Time of Issue

    1. PARA Ledgers will be airdropped immediately after purchase, please check Polygonscan to confirm.

    2. $PARA will be locked for 6 months then released linearly over 12 months and airdropped to the wallet address that minted the PARA Ledger.

    3. ParaBot cases will be collectively airdropped on July to the address that minted the PARA Ledger and can be redeemed for 1,000 ParaBots each once the game launches.

    4. Cold Wallets and EasyCards will be collectively shipped out according to the addresses provided (one shipping address per wallet, seperate shipping not permitted), time of delivery may vary depending on logistics.

    5. The raffle prize pool will contain 3 ETH! The prize will be split between 3 lucky winners, each receiving 1 ETH. Any purchase of PARA Ledger is considered a chance for the raffle, winners will be raffled from the wallet addresses provided for minting the PARA Ledger, and the prizes will be sent to said address. The prizes will be raffled and sent out one month after the end of PARA Ledger sales.

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Important Notices

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It is recommended to have sufficient funds of the qiured tokens in advance to ensure the pruchase process is uneventful, the purchase requires a minimal amount of Matic for gas fee and USDT for the purchase. Reminds: Polygon-USDT can be withdrawed by MAX Digital Asset Exchange.

How to add Polygon Mainnet & USDT

Purchase Preparations Part 1

How to obtain USDT on Polygon

Purchase Preparations Part 2

Purchase Process Demo

Tutorial PARA Ledger Purchasing