Event Info

PARADORA'S BOX Season 1 Grand Reveal!

PARADORA's Box Season 1 has commenced!

NFT Details:

Airdrop Requirements and Supply:

  • PARADORA’s Box will be in the form of ERC-1155 protocol on POLYGON
  • 1000 Boxes will issued for this season
  • Snapshot of holder wallet addresses will take place on Aug. 23 and PARADORA’s Boxes will collectively airdrop on Aug 30 according to the number of PARAZEN NFTs in each holder’s wallet address (Holders of multiple PARAZENs will be airdropped the respective number of PARADORA’s Boxes)
  • PARAZEN Blind Box holders are not considered for this airdrop
  • All remaining PARADORA’s Boxes will be put on sale and purchasable with P Coins in the Para Store channel on Discord

How to unbox

  • One PARADORA’s Key NFT is required to open each Box. (Two Boxes will require two Keys, so on and so forth) PARADORA’s Keys are expendable items and cannot be reused.
  • PARADORA's Key
  • (PARADORA's Key)
  • Keys are obtainable through placing in the three Discord Rankings and participating in events! Refer to Rankings here
  • In the instance of owning multiple Boxes and Keys, unboxing can be proceeded on our official website. This function is still under development and will be up and running by early September. Please await the announcement.

Prize Overview :

Tier Prize Demo Probability
S Diamond Gauntlet (Male) 0.6%
PARALAND Edition CoolWallet Pro
A PARALAND Edition EasyCard 2.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Eye Patch(Unisex)
Polar Bear Headdress (Unisex)
B Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Arm (Female) 5.5%
Para Integrity Card (P.I.C)
C Pirates of the Parabbean - Torso (Female) 7.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Left Arm (Female)
Pirates of the Parabbean - Left Arm (Male)
D Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Leg (Female) 13.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Leg (Male)
Pirates of the Parabbean - Left Leg (Female)
E $P 10,000 17%
F $P 7,000 23%
G $P 5,000 30.4%