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What is SocialFi? PARALAND offers a new take on NFT games!

Introduction to SocialFi in PARALAND

Ever thought about earning an income just by answering other people's questions? Ever heard of earning an income every time someone reads an article you wrote?

PARALAND is a community based NFT game that gathers Jumpers and Landers to build worlds together, it is beyond simply completing quests, finding loot, beating bosses, chatting and item transactions, it offers gaming content that no other game offers. Let us check out what makes PARALAND a SocialFI and why it is so unique and distinct from other blockchain games!

What is SocialFi? Take a look at Socialized Finance!

Before we get into how SocialFi will be implemented in PARALAND, let us introduce how it became what it is today. After the world wide trend of its predecessors, GameFi and NFT, SocialFi emerged as another application of blockchain technology. Unlike GameFi, which rewards its users through gameplay, users earn an income through social interactions with other users. Web2.0 platforms offered different social media themes such as images, videos, music and written posts, but these conventional platforms still suffer from innate issues, namely:

1.Mass collection of user data, oblivious of how the data is being handled and risk of personal data exposure.
2.Negative user experience due to constant advertisement on uninterested products.
3.Content creators contributing to the traffic and success of the platform but not being compensated enough for their contributions.

Blockchain resolves the issues mentioned above, thus SocialFi has been gaining a lot of attention as of lately and PARALAND aims to become a DAO and reward contributors accordingly.

Top 3 SocialFi NFT Game Modes

  PARALAND emphasizes heavily on community socialization, all actions that create bonding and strengthen the community will be compensated. These are the top 3 SocialFi game modes in PARALAND that will help users earn income through community contributions.

Land Maintenance

Lands are individual floating islands established by Landers and require the cooperation between the Lander and Jumpers to expand through UGC. Structures and decorations are all open to customization, whether it be a hot air balloon, open air theater that streams videos, or a band that performs live on stage in a music hall. In PARALAND, you are expanding the community you most identify with while receiving compensation for your contributions in return.

Territory Rooting

The real world is limited by the boundaries of space, where as in PARALAND, all areas can be expanded. A Land is composed of a Base and its surrounding territories acquired through Rooting and Crusades. Efforts made by an individual may seem minimal and insignificant, but the collective progress of a community will accumulate into a gradual growth in how a Land develops and expands. Therefore, after the Lander has discussed with the Jumpers which Territory to Root next, the Lander will send out a missions request and lead Jumpers to that location and enhance the claim on that Territory, then allocating the earnings and contribution points accordingly.

Free Flow of Info

PARALAND encourages speaking up on your thoughts and opinions, therefore at every Spot, players are able to comment and leave behind messages to others. Each comment and message brings diversity of thought to PARALAND and aids in spreading helpful information to other players.

These are some of the most anticipated SocialFi gameplay in PARALAND, simply put, PARALAND encourages players to contribute towards the same goal and being compensated for their efforts, climb the Rankings and receive rewards or exclusive NFTs.

Join PARALAND's Official Discord Now! Get in on this P2E SocialFi NFT Game!

Prior to the launch of the game, PARALAND's Discord server has been hosting various events for the community to mingle and bond and experience P2E in advance by completing missions to earn server $P coins which can be converted into mPARA. SocialFi events held such as foodie conventions, where members share good food and restaurants and create their own Michelin Guide. Join PARALAND's Discord now so you don't miss out on the latest info!