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Play-to-Earn Newbie's Guide! Get to know what P2E is!

Play-to-Earn alongside adorable ParaBots

PARALAND is a play-to-earn blockchain game, players are able to participate in events, missions and gamefi rankings on different worlds via AR and LBS, establishing a new form of innovative entertainment. In-game rewards are not limited to just virtual loot, it may be in the form of merchandise and NFTs as well. Players are able to use ParaBots to earn mPARA rewards and become a sharing member of PARALAND, so that all players can earn an income through playing the game hence achieving the goal of play-to-earn. Next up we will be giving a thorough introduction to one of the most important elements of PARALAND in terms of aiding players in play-to-earn: the ParaBots!

Play-to-Earn alongside adorable ParaBots

ParaBots are creatures indigenous to PARALAND, and the loyal companions of Jumpers. It serves as a mascot of PARALAND and accompanies its inhabitants. Let us take a look at what makes these adorable creatures so unique and intriguing.

Land Establishment

The creativity and prosperity of a Land can be manifested by Landers and Jumpers through the features of the Base, and in order to build, material is required. ParaBots are an imperative part of building a Land, aiding in the construction of structures and decorations on the Base and helping players expand their Land and earn contribution points.

Mission Companions

ParaBots are a player's most loyal companion, even on missions ranging from Territory Rooting, Encryption Squads, Black Hat Operations and World Class Boss fights. ParaBots will stand by a player's side under all these circumstances and overcome whatever obstacles heading this way.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Black Hat Operations is among one of the most anticipated game modes of PARALAND, it is simple yet thrilling, offering a competitive but friendly gaming environment. A Land's income received from contribution will be saved in a temporary account, dispatching Encryption Squads encodes the mPARA onto the Land's node on the blockchain, ensuring the income is securely returned, then the players can collect that income into their wallets. There is a limit on how much income each Encryption Squad can escort each time in a convoy, therefore multiple Encryption Squads need to be dispatched in order to return all of the earned income. When a player encounters an Encryption Squad sent out by another player, a Black Hat Operation may be initiated to try to intercept and plunder that Encryption Squad, where ParaBots are sent out to face off with the Squad. If successful, then a portion of the mPARA in transport will be looted. Each Encryption Squad can only be intercepted a certain number of times then will enter protection mode and be secure from further interception attempts to ensure a basic amount of mPARA income ultimately being transported.

Simply put, Black Hat Operations are adversaries to Encryption Squads, one existing to attack the other. With a sufficient inventory of ParaBots, players can choose to conflict with other players through this game mode when encountering a foreign Encryption Squad and earn real income in the meantime.

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Evidently, ParaBots are not only adorable companions but are also integral to gameplay in PARALAND. The good news is, as an essential element of the gameplay, there are already ways that you can acquire ParaBots in advance! PARALAND's official Discord server regularly hosts events that reward the members with items that contain ParaBots when redeemed in the game, along with $PARA airdrops and PARALAND merchandise! Join now so you don't miss out on the prizes and fun!

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