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What is a Metaverse Game? Acquire Income in the Virtual World via Play-to-Earn

Earn income from Metaverse Games

  The progression of the Metaverse has been watched closely by all industries in the world, numerous tech giants have been pumping resources into creating their own metaverse projects in metaverse games and applications hoping to become the next big thing. Amidst the pandemic, the subject of metaverse gaming has been the hot trend as of late. This article is an exposition on the concept of the metaverse, how can newbies hop on this revamped form of gaming and earn extra income from it.

What is the concept of a Metaverse Game? Earn Income on a New Form of Social Platform

The metaverse is derived from blockchain technology and the idea is to create a sustainable online immersive environment where users can access via computers, mobile devices and other entertainment devices. Down the line, users will be able to immerse themselves in a parallel virtual world via AR/VR headsets.

As technology advances, the metaverse will be able to solve a lot of problems by bringing real time interaction into the virtual world, this can be crucial at times of disaster and pandemics. Users can create their own representations the way they want and start an alternate life in the metaverse. Furthermore, the metaverse is also another way to earn income, many game items can be reverted into NFTs and each token represents one digital asset such as graphics, sculptures, audio and video, game content or other forms and recorded on blockchain. Metaverse games operate through NFT transactions and trades of game items on the blockchain.

How to acquire NFTs from a Metaverse game? Get to know the new trend of earning via Metaverse Mobile Games

Metaverse games mainly consists of NFT transactions of game items including avatar features, outfits, accessories, virtual real estate and ingame rewards and tokens to create a play-to-earn mechanic in a virtual world. All items in the form of NFTs will be on the blockchain forever and can be traded at will.

According to conducted research, the market capitalization for mobile games reached 7 billion dollars in 2020, prompting many developers in the gaming industry to quickly initiate their new mobile game projects. The value of NFTs from metaverse games heavily depends on the vitality and hype of the project and its online community. Due to the enormous user demographic and low threshold of development, naturally mobile games have been the mainstream form of video games, with more companies tapping into related industries.

NFT games that provide an entertainment aspect as well as a way to earn extra income has been a trend that is getting hotter, with Taiwan having a huge demographic of mobile gamers, it can be foreseen that metaverse mobile games will be greatly anticipated.

Invest via Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse Mobile Gaming

Let's take PARALAND as an example for a metaverse mobile game, so those of you reading that want to tap into metaverse mobile gaming can get a basic gist of what to do when you get there.

PARALAND | Virtual Social Network built on Sharing Economy

PARALAND uses GPS to present a virtual map, so players can move in the real world and explore the virtual world at the same time.

PARALAND is free to play, the ingame currency is called mPARA, users that don't have a crypto wallet yet can accumulate mPARA and convert it into $PARA afterwards, therefore converting ingame currency into a token with actual value.

$PARA can be obtained from PARALAND's seed round, private offering, public offering and through exchanges. Players can also obtain $PARA through Territory Rooting, contending with other players and by opening Hash Boxes, or by completing missions and contributing to Lands to earn mPARA as rewards, fulfilling play-to-earn candidly.

PARALAND wishes to maintain a welcoming ambience and respected online community with all its users and $PARA holders to become community based DAO, to achieve a truly co-owning, co-existing and co-governing world.

Metaverse Game Recommendations | Taiwan's First AR Blockchain Game, Creating a Parallel Wonderland

PARALAND is Taiwan's first blockchain mobile game that combines AR features with NFTs, aiming to become a new form of Web3 social network. Lots can be done on PARALAND, from UGC Lands to creating your own NFT accessories, even initiating crusades on mega bosses. Differing from other gamefis, PARALAND does not have any requirements to join, it can be played even without a crypto wallet, just simply download and begin playing to earn, explore the LBS map and venture on into the metaverse!   

PARALAND welcomes players from all over the world to hop into this parallel wonderland, collaborate on missions and earn rewards together with friends and family in this social gaming platform! More info can be found on PARALAND's whitepaper, and join PARALAND on Discord right now to get ahold of all the latest news!