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Immerse Yourself in Technology by turning Game Rewards into Real Income via Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming

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Along with the progression of society and advancement of technology, mobile devices have become a crucial part of everyday life, and ofcourse mobile games along with it. As blockchain technology becomes more accepted by the mainstream market and investors, a new form of gaming has emerged that is hinged on crypto and allows users to earn crypto rewards by playing a game, hence the birth of GameFi. This article will use Taiwan based gamefis in mandarin as examples to give you a better understanding of the characteristics and mechanisms of gamefi and how modern society can utilize play-to-earn as a way to earn extra income.

Find the most suitable Blockchain Games in Mandarin to get started with

Even though there are a lot of gamefis out there like Axie Infinity and STEPN, but they only cater to English speaking users and lack mandarin versions. Now, we are offering an alternative gamefi that does offer a mandarin version, PARALAND, it's easy to get the hang of and much more grounded for the local online communities.

Furthermore, most gamefis require players to connect their wallet upon account registration and purchase beginner's equipment to start off, so that sets a threshold for newcomers and is disadvantageous for the hype and eventually will hurt the market value and lead to a short running lifetime for the game and players will have invested in their account but gained nothing in return. Therefore it is advised to first meticulously understand the mechanisms of the game and find a suitable one before investing to ensure a good time in the virtual world.

Blockchain Game Mobile App Features

Blockchain Game ios

As technology advances, most of society can access a blockchain game with their mobile device and enter the crypto market to trade at any given time. At the same time, most blockchain game developers try to set their threshold to join as low as possible to attract more users to join and keep up the hype within the online community to appreciate the value of the game.

For the past few years, some common themes among blockchain games are the integration of SocialFi, LBS and AR features that increases interaction for the players as well as retaining the popularity on the market.

    These are the 3 most prominent features of blockchain games:
  • Social Fi
    SocialFi combines socialization functions with DeFi and is what most blockchain games build off of. The most notable characteristics of SocialFi are decentralization, low restrictions and asset ownership to allow players to showcase themselves with their outfits, equipment and items to others, and create demand to trade those assets with each other and interact online or offline to retain the vitality of the game and start off a life in the virtual world.
  • LBS
    Pokemon GO has been a game loved by all ages and is a pioneer in LBS based games. Players travel in the real world for pokemon and unnoticeably connect virtuality with reality, a unique type of entertainment different from typical computer games.
  • AR
    Augmented reality uses locations captured by a camera and analyzes the angles to display something virtual that seems as if it exists in real life, it enriches the experience and can be combined with roadside devices to present a virtual world that is almost indistinguishable from the real one.

Free to Play Blockchain Game | Play and Trade Unrestricted in PARALAND, available on the App Store and Google Play

PARALAND is Taiwan's first AR and NFT blockchain game, aiming to create a whole new Web3 metaverse platform that incorporates SocialFi elements, customizable UGC Lands, world jumping, boss fighting, rank climbing and even self created NFTs in a parallel wonderland!

PARALAND differs from other gamefis in that it has no threshold to join, even without a crypto wallet, all that it requires is a mobile device and you can begin traversing the LBS map and commute in between the virtual world and real world, if you do decide you want to register for a crypto wallet, you can connect it to your account and store your assets inside or trade them with other players and begin your journey of play-to-earn!

You're welcome to join PARALAND on Discord to get the latest news and updates, for more reference, please visit PARALAND's Whitepaper for further details.