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PARALAND and Polygon Studios are teaming up!

PARALAND has partnered up with Polygon Studios

Under the current competitive circumstances of the blockchain market, Polygon is among one of the most prospective protocols, with convenience, high-speed and low-cost as its advantages over other protocols, making it the perfect blockchain to develop gamefi projects on. Evidently, UGC is a fundamental part of PARALAND in terms of gameplay content, Land features, equipment, items and the the most important play-to-earn aspect. The PARALAND team has continued their efforts to develop and combine gaming with blockchain to seek the most suitable public chain for the best gaming experience and capable of processing massive amounts of data simultaneously and ultimately decided on Polygon being the best option as a starting point and proceeded to advocate for a closer collaboration opportunity. We look forward to the transcendence in user experience that Polygon Studios will provide to this technical collaboration with their cutting edge advancements in blockchain technology and anticipate the thrive of the future of blockchain gaming under Polygon’s development.

Polygon's announcements of the collaboration with PARALAND on its social media platforms

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