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Wanna earn an income off playing NFT games! PARALAND is offering Play-to-Earn!

How to earn an income from NFTs?

NFTs games have been the trend lately, lots of people have been sharing their experience on social media, but other than just a gaming experience, many people wonder if it is really possible to earn an income off of it. We are here today to answer that question and recommend an NFT game that truly offers play-to-earn: PARALAND. We will elaborate on the gameplay content and earning mechanics, so view this as a guide to the highly anticipated PARALAND!

What are blockchain games? Gamified Finance is the new trend!

Blockchain game refers to games that are developed based on blockchain technology, more precisely the gamification of in-game content into financial products via the blockchain, which then derived into the idea of play-to-earn and hence the word GameFi was created. Various blockchain games offer different styles of gameplay, earning mechanics and even rewards, with the most common being ETH, BTC and NFTs. Players can choose games most suited to their preferences and desired cryptocurrency to begin the journey of earning an income via gaming.

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Play-to-Earn Recommendation | PARALAND

After a brief understanding of what blockchain games are, if you’re still interested in NFT games then you can’t miss out on PARALAND. PARALAND is the first blockchain game that combines AR technology with NFTs, not only offering a play-to-earn platform but also virtual worlds that can be accessed freely through AR. Don’t worry if you don’t like solo gaming, PARALAND allows players to team up for missions and claim territories to receive contribution points and climb the ranking. Players will use ParaBots to earn $PARA rewards and may even receive NFTs and merchandise. What’s worth mentioning is that PARALAND integrates UGC elements into the many Lands that will exist all around and encourages Landers to customize and personalize their own unique Lands and even issue NFTs for sale so players can obtain exclusive and personalized virtual merchandise, enriching the gameplay experience.

How to earn an income from NFTs? NFT Game Earning Mechanics Introduction

How to excel at Play-to-Earn

After the introduction I’m sure many of you have a basic understanding of what PARALAND offers in terms of play-to-earn. Up next, we will use PARALAND as an example and get into the details of 2 ways to earn an income in PARALAND.   

Method 1: Issue NFTs

As mentioned above, Landers are able to issue NFTs for sale in the form of avatars, equipment and items. Furthermore, PARALAND encourages Landers to self design features to enrich and personalize their Lands. A unique Land will gather loyal Jumpers and accelerate its development and in turn increase the efficiency of earning in-game currency and ultimately true income.

Method 2: Mission Rewards

Other than content sales, players can obtain in-game currency (mPARA) by completing missions such as using ParaBots in Territory Rooting, sending out Encryption Squads, dispatching Black Hat Operations, participating in Land Rankings, Hash Boxes, and Limited-Time Events. After completing these missions, the rewarded mPARA may be converted into $PARA then transferred to the player's crypto wallet, fulfilling play-to-earn.

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With the emergence of GameFi, the concept of play-to-earn is not far off from reality, just simply join PARALAND and follow the steps, issue your own NFT and effortlessly earn income! PARALAND is not just a place for players to traverse between the virtual and real, it is also a truly lucrative platform. No matter if you’re a Lander or Jumper, simply indulge in the gameplay while you earn rewards and income!

Now is the moment to seize this opportunity to earn income through gaming, mint a PARA Ledger to obtain large sums of $PARA airdrop and ParaBots as well as exclusive merchandise such as Collab Cold Wallets and EasyCards and a chance to win ETH in a raffle! Enter the whitelist by joining PARALAND’s Discord right now and follow up on all the latest news!

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