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How else can I play this blockchain game? Follow the Lander's lead into NFT Gaming!

Lander leading Jumpers and play-to-earn in PARALAND

With recent reveals regarding gameplay specifics in PARALAND and how to proceed in NFT games, most of you have a basic idea now on how to fulfill the role of a Jumper and enjoy earning while gaming. Up next is the introduction of Landers, the other major role in PARALAND who assembles players to work towards the common goal of expanding every corner of their Land.

Lands & Landers

Landers are the role models in PARALAND, setting an example for Jumpers to follow and manage their own unique Lands. Each Land suspends above the horizon of the overworld and are totally customizable. You wanna build a giant birthday cake Land? Not a problem. You wanna turn the Land into a jungle? Done. You can also host concerts for Jumpers to come party and have a good time!
Landers will recruit Jumpers from all across PARALAND to gather and become an organization with consensus and a common goal to participate in missions and expand their Land. While the Jumpers enjoy the gameplay of PARALAND, they can also earn an income through the Land, achieving the concept of play-to-earn.

Lander leading Jumpers to Play-to-Earn in PARALAND

These are some of the unique game modes of PARALAND where Jumpers led by Landers can earn an income through playing the blockchain game. Save this for later so you have an advantage in when the game comes out because by then you’ll have known all this information and accelerate your progress.

Contribution Ranking

Landers are assumed by IPs, celebrities and NFT projects, through their recognition and following, they can design their own ranking standards and rewards most suitable for their communities. Contribution points will be rewarded through completing designated daily missions, Land expansion or participation in events hosted on the Land. Just a heads up, the activeness of a player will play a major factor in being highly valued by the Lander and will come with mystery benefits and surprises! Get ready to hop on the bandwagon when the game launches and claim the prizes!

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Crusade Game Mode

PARALAND is a combination of parallel worlds, the map of the real world is displayed via LBS and PARALAND needs to be trail blazed and explored. Jumpers can earn contribution points from completing the aforementioned Territory Rooting Missions, but grinding those solo will take a lot of time, so the wise thing to do is to team up with other Jumpers. When a Lander sends a notice for a mission to claim a certain territory or siege on a world class boss, a Crusade Event will be initiated and players can teleport to the place of event through this portal.Participants will also gain rewards bonuses due to this event as an incentive.
Furthermore, not only are Landers capable of initiating mission events, Jumpers are also able to discuss and vote until consensus is reached and request permission from the Lander to send out a mission announcement, with a cooperative pecking order that brings together players supporting the same Land. It will indeed be a sensational experience!

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We are getting closer to the game’s launch as each day passes! PARALAND does not only provide a virtual-reality experience, it is also a convenient SocialFi platform for players to earn an income through playing an NFT game! Whether you are a Lander or Jumper, the satisfaction of earning rewards will be fulfilled! Hop on the bandwagon by joining PARALAND on Discord right now!

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