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Can you really make money from playing games? Make that dream come true by turning tokens into cash in blockchain games!

Play-to-Earn 2023

Mobile games are a regular part of modern life, and technology advancement has made it a reality for players to earn valuable assets such as NFTs through playing mobile games. Therefore lies a question, is play-to-earn real? Allow me to dig into the blockchain games of Taiwan and assess whether you can really earn money from wandering around the metaverse.

Play-to-Earn Tokens

The NFT market took the world by storm in recent years. Other than new crypto traders, it is an integral part of earning in blockchain. Some enterprises gamified this concept and developed online games with blockchain applications so players can play-to-earn by leveling up characters or completing missions; this mode of conduct is called GameFi (Game + DeFi).

Conventionally speaking, each gamefi will have its own distinct mode of operation and earning mechanisms. In the Taiwanese market, PARALAND is considered a great example of a play-to-earn gamefi. Now let's get into how play-to-earn is carried out in PARALAND.

PARALAND: Play-to-Earn Mobile GameFi from Taiwan


PARALAND is an AR Metaverse mobile gamefi hailing from Taiwan that emphasizes territory rooting, team up battles and various mission types, it incorporates LBS (location based service) with AR (augmented reality) to present an immersive experience for players to travel around a virtual world, much like Pokemon GO. Jumpers follow their preferred Lander and expand their home Land, make friends with others and team up to conquer territories and earn NFT or merchandise prizes. These are some primary game mechanisms that can help you earn in PARALAND.

PARALAND: Play-to-Earn Mechanism 1: Territory Rooting, Balck Hat Op

Players can team up with others and contend for territories to raise in rankings on their home Land, pick up hash boxes on the way, get in on limited time events, complete missions and earn token rewards. Furthermore, initiate Encryption Squads, or Black Hat Operations to intercept and plunder an enemy caravan and take the opposing Land's token rewards in transit and eventually turn the $PARA into other cryptocurrencies.

PARALAND: Play-to-Earn Mechanism 2: Community Management (SocialFi)

PARALAND greatly values social interaction and the unity of its community, and when combined with SocialFi concepts, other than allowing players to team up with each other to run their Lands, records of their interactions and memories can be left in the form of comments and messages and shared with other players at designated locations, enhancing and enriching the experience through this mode of interaction.

PARALAND: Play-to-Earn Mechanism 3: Issue NFTs

PARALAND possesses UGC features that allow Landers to create their own exclusive equipment, avatars, music, images and videos to be issued into NFTs to gain revenue as well as enriching the game content at the same time. PARALAND will also hold design contests and award the most prominent designs with hefty rewards to encourage more creative efforts towards enriching the game.

For more information on the rules and play-to-earn mechanism of PARALAND, please refer to the whitepaper

How to convert crypto into assets with intrinsic value? Learn about the Exchange of Legal Tender

Make money in this blockchain game from Taiwan

To turn your hard earned in-game assets into legal tender with intrinsic value you'll need an account on a crypto exchange such as Binance or Max then transfer your fungible tokens from within the game, which is $PARA in the case of PARALAND, onto your exchange account then proceed to trade it into stablecoin such as USDT and USDC to prevent depreciation due to the volatile fluctuation of the crypto market, and when you desire to cash in the crypto you can then exchange it into a legal tender of your choosing, transfer it into your bank account then withdraw into cash.

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Want to earn a side income by gaming? PARALAND is offering territory contention, team up battles, land construction among other fun game modes! Immerse yourself in a virtual world via AR and team up with your buddies to complete missions and turn the dream of play-to-earn into reality by earning rewards that can be redeemed into real assets!

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