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PARALAND Fanbase Exclusive Grand Reveal & NFT Gaming Community Trends 2023

Revealing the latest trends in NFT communities

Since 2022, the entirety of the crypto and NFT markt has been affected by the state of global economy, from its highest point of the FOMO era to the bitter winter now, it is hard to deny that the most imminent obstacle for every NFT community is to survive the bear market. Nobody expects and welcomes the bear market but it is unfortunately the situation we are in right now, projects should be focussing more on how to carry on the vitality of their communities and plan countermeasures to better market their NFT projects.

Establishing and Managing an NFT Community

The core of a blockchain community is consensus and trust. Project teams need to think of ways to keep their communities interested and supportive amidst this bear market and keep the community members up to date with the latest developments. The PARALAND team is dedicated to ensure faith within the community and has come up with many arrangements prior to the launch of the game.

Discord Events

P Coin Seasonal Campaign - Keeping the Community Active

PARALAND heavily emphasizes on play-to-earn, so it is only fair to put this concept into play prior to the game’s launch, including irregularly hosted game nights and daily quests to earn P Coin which can be used to purchase NFT equipment and merchandise in the Para Store.

ParaMA - Project Weekly Updates

PARALAND highly values its relationship with its community so an AMA is hosted every week to keep the members up to date on all the latest information and take this time to talk about all kinds of topics to create a deep connection with the fellow community members. This little gathering mainly reveals updates on the development of the game, sneak peeks, recently completed concept art and game demos. Members chat about the recent state of the blockchain market and give feedback on PARALAND to the mods to keep everyone involved and excited.

PARADORA's Box - Giving back to the Community

PANDORA's Box is a new initiative created solely to reward the holders of PARALAND, a combination of raffles with virtual prizes. Winners are guaranteed a prize from a pool of prize tiers ranging from NFTs to physical merchandise. PARADORA’s Boxes can be obtained for free, holders will be airdropped one PARADORA's Box regularly and they can be opened with a key only obtainable through participating in Discord events. Showing up for more events will guarantee more keys so you can open up more boxes and even sell the extra ones in the marketplace. PARALAND created the PARADORA's Box initiative as a way to keep the vitality of its community and increase the value of holding onto a PARAZEN or PARA Ledger to cope with these hard times.

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Amidst the bear market, community moderators need to get creative to keep their members’ attention hooked and entertained to maintain consensus and trust amongst the community. PARALAND not only provides a virtual-reality experience, it is also a convenient SocialFi platform for players to earn an income through playing an NFT game in this sociable Web 3.0 community! Whether it is your goal to make friends or learn about blockchain, the PARALAND community welcomes you with open arms! Hop on the bandwagon by joining PARALAND on Discord right now!

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