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PARADORA's Box Season 2 dropping soon! Chance to win NFT airdrops among other prizes!

NFT Airdrop Items

Season 2 of PARADORA's Box is about to drop! Get ready for a whole new series of prizes for all you loyal community members! Don't worry if you're a newcomer and don't know what PARADORA's Box is,what it contains and how to open them, read all about it in this article and find out what new prizes are coming your way!

NFT Details:

Supply and Airdrop

  • PARADORA's Box is an ERC-1155 protocol series minted on Polygon.
  • Total supply: 1,000
  • Snapshot of holders' wallet addresses will take place on Oct. 28 and collectively airdrop one PARADORA's Box NFT to each eligible holder on Oct. 31 (One PARADORA's Box for every NFT you hold, so on and so forth)
  • PARAZEN Pioneer Mystery Box holders are not in consideration for airdrop
  • Remaining Boxes will be available for purchase with $P Coin in the PARA Store on Discord after all airdrops have been completed

How Do I Open PARADORA's Box?

  • One PARADORA's Key NFT is required each time to unlock one Box, the Key is an expendable item and cannot be reused once it is used to unlock a Box.
  • To find out more on how to acquire PARADORA's Key, refer to the Three Champions of PARALAND Rankings or participate in a community event!  View Rankings Here 
  • When you have completed a set of PARADORA's Box and Key, you may initiate the unlocking process on our official website.

Prize Overview

Tier Prize Demo Probability
S Diamond Hand Gauntlet 0.6%
PARALAND CoolWallet Pro
A PARALAND EasyCard 2.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Cutlass (Unisex)
Propeller Beanie (Unisex)
B Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Arm (Male) 5.5%
Para Integrity Card (P.I.C)
C Pirates of the Parabbean - Torso (Male) 7.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Left Arm (Male)
Pop Star - Left Arm (Female)
D Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Leg (Female) 13.5%
Pirates of the Parabbean - Right Leg (Male)
Pop Star - Right Leg (Male)
E $P 10,000 17%
F $P 7,000 23%
G $P 5,000 30.4%

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